Sei come la luna
Punto definito nello scuro
Ed io ?
Sono la notte che vi avvolge


7 pensieri riguardo “Lu@na

  1. Nicеly like Moommy said, once ѡe love
    one another annd love the world that Jesus died for, that?s a
    kind of worship. Once we take intο consideration God and
    hearken to the sermon or іn Sunday School, that?s a means of ѡorshipping because were learning how nice God is annɗ He
    likes that. Or when we ѕit around and inform eacdh othe what the
    best things aЬоut God are. You knkw how much you
    like hearing ρeople ssaү how smart or cute you Ьօys are?
    Nicely God likes when we ѕpeak together about how nice he is.?
    Daddy answered.

    "Mi piace"

    1. I believe that the most important thing in life is to split, life however complex it may be – from the greatness of the omnipotent. It took me long before answering, because I think it is always necessary to know how to use words, contextualize them to the correct management of things. In this article I talked about love, I do not think it’s the correct article to talk about God. I’m a believer, but I prefer to put God where he deserves to be, certainly not on the page of a blog. You are a believer and I understand it, just God can not be among the papers of those who speak of love, as a concept of a happiness that life itself will never be able to give. Thank you for your words, I appreciate you, I also find them – out of place.

      "Mi piace"


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